Appoint Dedicated and Enthusiastic SEO Expert for just £399/month.
Why should you go for a Dedicated SEO Expert?
The business owners always do not have time to monitor the website ranking, maintaining the codes, sales or the ongoing optimization of the particular website. For this reason, we are there to offer help to them regarding these factors. You can now appoint a SEO professional at almost one-fourth fee of what you would give in your country for a full time SEO Expert to do your website optimization. We will manage every minute detail of your website by which you will be benefited beyond any doubt.
The duties of our Dedicated SEO Expert

The SEO expert you hire will work on up to 3 projects simultaneously for you if nbeeded.

Our SEO expert will work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week in your project.

You will be given the chat id of the SEO expert so that you can stay in contact with him regarding your site improvement.

You will have full control over the SEO expert you are hiring. You can ask him to do anything related to your website like On page optimization, Guest posting, Article writing, Article submission, Content Modification, Social Bookmarking, Link Building, Directory Submission and so on.

The benefits of appointing a Dedicated SEO Professional
1.On Page Optimization:-Our SEO professional will take care of the works related to the on page optimization of your website.

Thorough review of your website

Competitor’s strategy analysis

Keyword research and Optimization

Title tags and Meta tags optimization

HTML source code optimization

Create XML and txt sitemap for Google and Yahoo correspondingly.

Website Content Optimization

Well defined optimization of titles and meta description. This is the backbone of the current SEO trend because a proper distribution of keywords in a meaningful language will contribute to draw the rank of the keywords without over-stuffing it.

Insertion of keywords in the content, H1 tag and alt tag. Of course, the rule of using natural language is also maintained here. Alt tag is no more a minor thing and demands enough importance. We have to write it in a meaningful phrase instead of targeting only one.

Use of Dublin core, sitemap.xml and ror.xml. With dublin core we basically target the keywords that would have been missed out in the meta tags. With ror.xml we will be able to increase the density of keywords by maintaining the hierarchy of title and meta descriptions. This format gives good structure to the robots of the search engines so that it can understand the frame of the website.

As per the expected SEO trend in 2014 we have to keep the website technically fit. There should not be validation errors and no broken links.

We also keep a bird's eye view on our competitor's website and check their back links.

Robots.txt and Geo Tags are also taken into consideration for local SEO.

2. Content writing and modification: - Quality content attracts many valuable visitors. Our rich content ensures you the best outcome by providing good articles and press releases.
3. Link Building: - Link building is a major part of your site optimization as it brings several customers to your website, which gradually helps you to achieve a top ten ranking in the major search engines.
4.Social Networking: - With the help of Blogs, Forums, and other Networking sites, you are assured of a proficient appearance to the social media.
5. Article Syndication: - Syndication of Articles is managed by the experts submitting them to the right place to make your website strong enough to stand at the face of worthy competitors.
Estimated deliverables of our Dedicated SEO Professional in a month

We no longer follow the old concept of SEO i.e. Link building. Our main concern is brand awareness, traffic to the site and increased number of visitors.

The above mentioned process is incomplete without SMO (Social Media Optimization). We are very thorough with SMO activities because this is what gives exposure to the site inspite of the fact that it doesn't fetches the rank and provides no follow links.

The concept of No-Follow links has also changed now. We have to maintain a 50 -50 ratio w.r.t DO-Follow and NO-Follow. The reason being we do not want to make Google realize that we are promoting the site on the web.

Link building strategies have also changed now. We no longer focus on directory submissions because it take a lot of time to bring in the results. Even Classified Ad Posting is mainly avoided because this is a form of direct promotion of the site.

Question and Answering is also very important now and we implement those too.

Can build links from Social media websites

Blog Creation for the keywords that have their ranks fluctuating. We do this to ensure that the rank effect obtained by On Page SEO has been kept intact.

Some other off page SEO techniques being followed by us are power point presentation, video submission, image sharing, PDF submission, press releases, etc.

Cost for hiring Dedicated SEO Expert : £399/month
There is absolutely no setup cost or any other hidden fee. What we have mentioned above you'll get exactly that and there is no terms and conditions in it. After you pay for the person you can ask that person to do almost any thing in SEO.

Payment terms: 100% advance before starting
How to Hire a Dedicated SEO Expert :
You just need to click on Buy Now. We will take you to a safe and secure online payment website where you can pay for your Hire SEO Expert plan by using your Credit Card or PayPal account. After your payment, procedure is over and the credit has been acknowledged, then you just send your website details to our address sales@BestSeoService.co.uk
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